Abu Abdul Hady on “Raising Children in Islam” Advice given by Shaykh Khalid Ar-Raddadee

Raising kids in Islaam is a serious MATTER; the Muslim family is an important pillar in the society. the verses in the Qur’aan order doing good to kids, because they are a trust from Allaah…

“SAVE yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is stones and men…” (66:6)

The Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa salaam) said: “Every one of you is a guardian over his flock and he is responsible for his flock.” (Buhkari/Muslim)

Part 1 Beneficial statements in raising kids in Islaam

1. Choosing a proper mate is important in raising children in Islaam (child will take on characteristics of the mother)

2. Make dua for righteous child (this is manhaj of the righteous)

3. Important to understand that children are a gift from Allaah (No burden should be felt when attending to their needs)

4. It’s prohibited to dislike female children

5. Seek Allaah’s help in raising kids. (one who doesn’t seek help will loose)

6. Be concerned with constantly making du’a for your children (avoid making du’a against them) the prophet said: “Do not make du’a against yourself or your children.” (Sahih Muslim)

7. Choose good proper names for children and avoid bad names. (effects behavior) Ibnul Qayyim said: “It is rare that you find someone with a bad name accept that they have a bad character.”

8. Place in their heart the aqeedah saheeha, and be constant in it. (the testimonies of faith, issues of Tawheed, The Ulooh of Allaah, etc.) 9. Show concern for learning the Book of Allaah with the highest concern (Day and night -memorizing

10. Teach them good manners and keep them far removed from evil manners and the like ( 1.Goodness 2. Taqwa 3. Hilm 4. Eating with right hand 5. Speaking with respect to elders- 1. Keep them from lying 2. and disobedience to parents.)

11. Teach them the forms of remembrance of Allaah

12. Parents be good examples for kids (see parents make salaah, see us practice what we say)

13. Remove evil from home, far away from home (1. Magazines 2. T.V. 3. Pictures 4. Radio)

14. Father show concern for boy, building him upon manhood (1. Keep them busy, striving, active 2.Don’t keep the lazy, 3. Teach them roughness (manhood)

15. Teach responsibility, self dependent (confident) trust them with affairs.

16. Father should spend time with children, no matter how busy he is.

17. Father should take children to the Masjid (1. especially at age (7) 2. when older, order them to go to the Masjid

18. Take them to lectures of knowledge

19. Show that you are paying attention to them (1. Don’t turn away to right or left 2. especially small children)

20. The parents (especially the father) should watch a child from a distance (1. Wudu 2. Salaah 3. Relationships 4. Clothes 5. What they are reading)

21. Choose the best Islaamic School for Child (1. Investigate Staff 2. Look at school companions)

22. The parents should have understanding between them (1. Show no disagreement in front of them 2. The child will be more influenced by home than street)

23. If Talaaq takes place, parents should fear Allaah and not use kids to their advantage (make the child
hate the other) child will leave or not want to deal with neither one of them.

* The parents shouldn’t look at this Tarbiyyah as being useless. From the beginning it will seem to be no
benefit, but it might benefit later on. Even if you don’t see it in your lifetime it might happen after your
death, and or Allaah will reward you in Jinnah.
Your Brothers in Islaam,
The Islamic information and Research Center of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab



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